Interfund Management Services, Inc. (IMS)

Interfund Management Services (IMS) is a Washington State investment advisor located in Spokane Valley, WA. Client accounts are held at Equity Trust Company, the custodian, Westlake, OH.

IMS manages two investment strategies that were developed during 1997: an income strategy and a growth strategy.

Review our website and the IMS Brochure dated December 31, 2019 for more detailed descriptions of IMS and the investment strategies managed by IMS.

The IMS Management Team

The brothers John & Ron Krehbiel established IMS in 1994. Ron retired to Tucson, Arizona in 2005. John is IMS President, and together with niece Jamie Low, manages the two mutual fund portfolios and the daily business operations.

The Next Generation

Son-in-law Mark Adams obtained his securities license in 2014. The extended family is committed to continue both IMS investment strategies for decades to come.

Registered Investment Advisor

Interfund Management Services, Inc. (IMS) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in WA State.

IMS Inc.

Meet Our Team

John Krehbiel


John founded IMS in 1994 and serves as its President. Previously he was President of Krehbiel & Hubbard, Inc. (now Washington Capital Management), a firm he co-founded in 1980 to advise institutional accounts. After retiring in 1990, John obtained an exception to his non-compete agreement that allowed him to create IMS to serve smaller non-institutional […]

Jamie Low

Account Administrator

Jamie joined IMS as a part-time employee in 2003 while her four children were pre-school age. Over fifteen years later, her responsibilities at IMS have steadily increased. She is now securities licensed and executes the firm’s two trading programs, manages IMS website development, and is John’s backup with respect to all IMS business functions.

Verlin Frickle

Marketing Manager

Verlin has served as the marketing manager of the Northwest region of AFTCO since the 1980’s. AFTCO is a national firm that arranges the transition of dental practices. A decades long friend of John, Verlin has encouraged several investors to become IMS clients. He is securities licensed and has recently become the lead IMS marketing representative.

Client Services

We'll handle the heavy lifting and provide you with regular reporting on portfolio performance.

  • Risk Tolerance Guidance
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  • Balance Between Low-Risk & High-Risk

IMS Income Program

Facts and Figures

Commenced Operations: October 27, 1997

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Purpose: to provide IMS clients performance that excels with exceptionally low risk.

Note:  IMS Income was designed to compete with conservative investments like CD’s, short-term bonds and the money market.

Competition: IMS Income competes against conservative investments such as certificates of deposit, bonds, and money market securities.

Initial Account Unit Values: IMS Income commenced at $10.00 per unit in 1997 and was $62.15 per unit on September 30, 2020.

Volatility: Low

Primary Investment:  a portfolio of five high-yield bond mutual funds.

Secondary Investment:  on occasion 100% in the money market for defensive purposes.

Objective: to exceed the performance of conservative investments while approximating their low level of risk.

Results:  IMS Income has consistently exceeded its objective.

IMS Growth Program

Facts and Figures

Commenced Operations: January 22, 1997

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Purpose: to provide IMS Growth clients a defensive stock market option for diversification.

Competition: IMS Growth competes against the Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index.

Initial Account Unit Values: IMS Growth commenced at $60.90 per unit in 1997 and was $262.72 per unit on September 30, 2020.

Primary Investment: a portfolio of 12 to 15 growth mutual funds that have recently outperformed the S&P 500 Stock Index.

Volatility:  moderate to high

Secondary Investment: the money market from 1% up to 50% of assets to reduce volatility.

Objective: to match or exceed the performance of the S&P 500 Stock Index with reduced risk over full market cycles.

Results: IMS Growth has achieved its objective.