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Defensive Investment Management

IMS developed two defensive investment programs starting in 1997.
IMS Income, described below, is the lower risk option.

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Competes with CDs, Short-term Bonds, and the Money Market

IMS Income invests in a portfolio of five high-yield mutual funds or defensively 100% in the money market to reduce risk. This combination allows the program to identify with low risk investment options.


We Work with Equity Advisor Solutions

Equity Advisor Solutions interfaces with Equity Trust Company, custodian, and the Orion investment platform to provide one of the highest levels of back-office solutions available.

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We Use "No-Load" Mutual-Fund Portfolios

Our firm invests client assets in portfolios of no-load mutual funds to keep trading costs to a minimum.

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We Also IMS Growth, a Higher Risk Option

IMS Growth and IMS Income are complimentary low risk and high risk options.

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Our Background

Our programs have operated for over 22 years. We specialize in mutual fund analysis.

Income Investment Strategy


The IMS Income program can be invested up to 100% in high-yield bond mutual funds, or up to 100% in the money market for defensive purposes.

IMS Income

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